K-kullen, född 1997-03-12   Inavelsgrad: 0,02%

 Valp / Puppy

Fossella Jeepers Creepers, S35785/88 Kareth Kumuppance, S14212/88 Keltina Sheng Tan Chien, KCSB4554BS
Santosha Seraphim, KCB5784402C10
Fossella Like Art Made, S19788/86 Boreas' Little Jupiter, N14592/85
Shansi Jade, N13729/81
Fossella Handle With Care, S32693/93 Rosaril Takes One To Know One, S66424/91 Chelhama De Courcey, KCSB1118BZ
Rosaril Follow That Dream, KCL1204404L01
Fossella Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, S25016/91 Fossella Dog of The Year, S44962/86
Senousi Swing Out Sister, S64027/87

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